REVIEW: Peerless Watercolors

I've been reading about these Peerless Watercolors online but never really got a chance to try it until one student of mine, Ice, brought her own palette during our watercolor class. I FELL IN LOVE. 

What I got was the Peerless Bonus Pak of 40 colors, small. These watercolours are made out of mineral dyes and are acid free. They were created by Nicholson to tint commercial packaging back in 1885 and was eventually used to hand tint black and white films, in partnership with Kodak. Basically, these watercolors have been around that long!

The small version comes in 2x2in squares. One side is the pigment, the other is the color reference. There are no color labels - but the color of the pigment is the one on the back side of each paper.  The great thing about Peerless watercolors is this: you can make your own palette and it is very, very (repeat 1 million times) portable! It also goes in tandem with waterbrushes - which is basically what's in my bag everyday! PERFECT MATCH <3

I cut my squares into smaller strips and started sticking them onto a small watercolor paper. I made sure that the paper is almost the same size as the pocket Moleskine watercolor notebook so that it slides and fits perfectly in between the pages. There are tons of tutorials online and you can also download the 1x1 inch palette template. I just wanted to make mine smaller :)

It is important to leave a space for swatching because sometimes, the color on the paper isn't the same as the actual pigment. Some papers appear purple but when swatched would yield brown. You can also put the color labels if you want. Mine was too small so the words won't really fit. 

Since I made a two-fold palette, I put acetate in between to prevent the pigments from sticking to each other when folded. That's it! VOILA! Palette on the go <3


Love that it is really pigmented. One dab goes a long long way! 


If you love lettering, watercolors, and urban sketching, this product is for you. 

You can buy Peerless Watercolors and other rare art finds over at Art Whale Ph.

Waterbrush used in the photos is from Dip N Brush.