Hustle like it's hot

People have always asked me about my two cents on leaving the corporate world and pursuing passion. Well, you can always quit your job and do what you love - but don't expect a smooth cruise. Life just doesn't go that way.

Quitting my corporate job meant losing a fixed and stable income plus fancy benefits. It was a big decision to make, of course, but what is life for if you don't take risks, right? I had no back up plan, really. Quitting didn't mean I lost game. Mankind, by default, is driven to survive - and given that human nature, I was programmed to do what it takes to live day by day. I'm telling you, it wasn't easy - bordering bankruptcy with monthly bills to pay, struggling to find myself in different industries, the list could go on and on. Do I regret my decision to leave the corporate world? The answer is NO, with so much conviction.

My mantras in life have always been "Live free", "Take risks", and "Tiwala lang". This entire journey has made me put so much trust in the universe - but of course you don't just sit there and wait for the universe to give you something. You have to work for whatever it is if you really want it. I'm grateful that after a roller coaster ride of careers, I can finally say that I'm happy with what I'm doing. Art has always been something I've been most passionate about. This whole experience has taught me to keep learning and expanding my horizons, and to hustle as hard as I can. The possibilities of what I can do as an artist should be as endless as the ocean.

So yeah, if you're going to ask me if pursuing a career in art is something worth it, I'd always say yes. Pursue your passion but be ready to take risks, fail, endure consequences, and hustle. Whatever career you choose to be in, put your heart into it. Everything else will follow.

Good luck to all the risk takers out there! xx


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