Arternoon with Stabilo

We've all known Stabilo as the "Colgate" of highlighters BUT their product roster is so vast, the brand actually has most of the tools I need for everyday art (outside of Calligraphy, that is)!

I spent an afternoon at Bizu doodling and testing these Stabilo products with fellow crazyyyy calligraphers. Nelz of We Will Doodle also taught us basic doodling techniques and afterwards we were asked to make our own doodle character. We passed around our paper for others to doodle on. This is the output after:


My Stabilo faves are Point 68 (for Coloring) and Point 88 (for everyday writing and lettering):

What got me curious was the Woody 3-in-1, It serves as a watercolor, colored pencil, and wax crayon. You can use it for glass artworks without having to worry too much since it is erasable! MUST.GET.MY.HANDS.ON.THESE.ASAP!

Fozzy, Richelle, Me, and Drew

Fozzy, Richelle, Me, and Drew

Thank you Stabilo Philippines for this fun arternoon. It's always nice to learn more about writing tools and step out of our comfort zones once a while.

Thanks also for the plants :p


You can get their products at National Bookstores nationwide.

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