REVIEW: Mica Gold Ink from Kuretake

I've always been a fan of gold paints and inks - hence, #thegoldinitiative. Recently, I've discovered this Gold Mica Ink from Kuretake Zig and TBH I think this is a must-have for every calligraphy/lettering-enthusiast. Here are the reasons why:

1. EASE OF USE. It's already in liquid form so I don't need to brush it over the nib for pointed pen calligraphy, as opposed to using paint. Also, each bottle comes with a ball shaker. This makes it easy to mix the ink everytime the pigment settles at the bottom of the container.


2. PIGMENT. This gold is brilliant, opaque, and very saturated. It can be used on both light and dark colored papers. You can also use this for both brush lettering and pointed pen calligraphy.


3. PRICE. A bottle of 60mL retails for just Php 499 (Pesos) - It's very affordable for a lot of gold, to be honest. You can purchase this at @swirlsandstrokesph (Instagram).

I think the only thing I don't like is the bottle. When you dip your holders, it tends to get messy, especially when the bottle is halfway empty.

Here are some samples:


Unlike the Finetec watercolor palette, this ink can't be blended. If you want something to mix with paint, get a Finetec. For everyday writing, get this ink instead.

Happy hoarding, then!

P.S: Tag your golden artworks! #thegoldinitiative

REVIEW: Finetec Watercolor Palette

If you are a hoarder like me, you will find a need and a purpose for every art material that exists in this planet. I mean, who could resist these pretty FINETEC palettes that has so much sparkle??? I totally need these for my Christmas cards, right? RIGHT :p

FINETEC Watercolor Palettes

FINETEC Watercolor Palettes

These colors are made from mica pigments (which is a natural source of metallic shades, based on what I read) and can easily be blended. You can use these pearlescent shades/metallics with a brush, pointed nib, or a broad edge pen.  Finetec is basically a watercolor palette so all you need to do to "activate" the color is to add a few drops of water... and voila! 

Here are the Gold palette shades: Tibet Gold, Inca Gold, Arabic Gold, Gold Pearl, Moon Gold, and Sterling Silver

Finetec 6-pc Gold palette

Finetec 6-pc Gold palette

The other palette I have is the one with 12 beautiful pearl shades: Russet Red, Bronze Satin, Diamond Yellow, Original Bronze, Regal Bronze, Mother of Pearl Pink, Metallic Indian Red, Silver Pearl, Pure Mother of pearl, Shining Pink, Shining Reseda, and Shining Aquamarine

Finetec 12-Pearl colors palette

Finetec 12-Pearl colors palette

To use this on a pointed pen (Nib + Holder), just brush (any paint brush) the paint pigment over the nib:

Here is a simple artwork I made using FINETEC.  Obviously, my favorite palette is the gold one:


RIGHT: Finetec + Pointed pen | LEFT: Finetec + Brush

RIGHT: Finetec + Pointed pen | LEFT: Finetec + Brush


If you are from the Philippines, you can order these goodies from @swirlsandstrokesph <3