Boards up!

Whenever I feel like I want to start a project and I am totally blank on ideas, I always look for pegs. Back in the days ( I hope I don't sound too old), I cut-out from magazines and books and stick everything on a cork board.  Luckily, with onset of technology, we can do everything in just a click.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool which aids in idea creation and inspiration. It makes discovery easier because with just a simple search, numerous results are displayed which you can further categorized and breakdown to a more specific topic as necessary. All pins are linked back to the original creator/author so you can always read more details about a particular photo which caught your interest. 

I use Pinterest to keep my pegs organized and more structured. It's where I can get inspiration for fashion, art, design, calligraphy, photography - and a whole lot more! I like doing room or desk revamps so I'm always on the lookout for interior design ideas and those photo-worthy add-ons like succulents and terrariums. I just started pinning recently and I.CAN'T.STOP. It's like I want to pin everything down to leather bags which I all want to buy!!!

If you are not yet on Pinterest, sign up via this link (which runs for a very limited time only). Follow me on Pinterest too and let's do some paperless pinning, shall we? 

Let the pinning begin!