Zig Pen Meet

Zig Philippines and Shangri-La Plaza, are cooking up a BIG event on June 27 at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Are you ready for an afternoon of calligraphy, lettering, inks, and pens?

I'm doing a demo alongside with awesome artists: Fozzy Dayrit, Richelle Macapagal, Drew Europeo, and Patrick Cabral! 

There will also be pre-event demos by the talented calligraphers @shawie_gram, @paola_koala, @carligraphy, @piescribbles, @gelibalcruz, and @rstacruz!

Best part about this? It's FREE. All you need is pre-register here http://goo.gl/forms/FAer8pP68x and bring a Zig Pen on the 27th. Easy peasy. See you!



The Gathering.

Come and gather with me and Sunday Paper for an afternoon, or evening, of new learnings this coming 23rd of May, two thousand fifteen. Perhaps it's about time you do something new, something different - something simple yet fun. Yes?

The class will focus on basic brush lettering using brush pens - drills, letterforms, layout, and practical application will be discussed. This time around it will just be a small class to give it a more casual and relaxed vibe... so don't be shy to ask anything :)

This is going to be my last Basic Brush Lettering class for the summer (or maybe for the year) and I am grateful that Zig and Stabilo Philippines are joining us on this day! Our participants will get freebies and lots of surprises from these brands. 

We opened up 2 time slots on May 23: 1-4PM and 5-8PM.

To register, go to http://www.sundaypaperco.com/product-category/gathering/


Hey everyone, to answer all your emails re: brushes to use for Brush Lettering, I'm listing down my favorites:

Left to Right: Sailor 1911 Brush pen, Pentel Touch sign pen, Winsor and Newton watercolor brush, Pentel Aquash fine, Zig Brush Writer.

Left to Right: Sailor 1911 Brush pen, Pentel Touch sign pen, Winsor and Newton watercolor brush, Pentel Aquash fine, Zig Brush Writer.


1. Sailor 1911 Brush Pen. Bristles are synthetic and acts like a real paint brush. Ink can be refillable (cartridge or converter). I use fountain pen inks for this pen (Noodlers Ink or J. Herbin).

Available at Scribe Writing Essentials, Php 975.

2. Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen. Felt tip, Fine but semi-flexible. Great for fine details. Ideal for Script/Calligraphy style of lettering.

Available at Createcrafts.ph, Php 1450 set of 12


3. Watercolor paintbrush. Perfect for lettering/brush calligraphy using watercolours, gouache, or ink. Use the smaller round tip brushes (2/0 or 3/0) for finer details/thinner lines. Requires more control.

Brush brands: Winsor and Newton, Princeton, Hans, Sakura, Momiji

Winsor and Newton available at National Bookstore, Php 375 set of 6 assorted brushes. Princeton brushes available at National Bookstore Php 100 - 500. Momiji Brushes available at Deovir Php 115 - Php 400.



4. Zig Kuretake Waterbrush (or other waterbrushes like Pentel/Holbein/Sakura). Synthetic bristles that mimics an actual paintbrush. Used for watercolors. Can be filled with fountain pen ink to act as a brush pen. Comes in varied tip sizes (detailer, medium, large). I usually use DETAILER

Available at @zigphilippines, Php 205

Zig Kuretake Detailer used with watercolor

Zig Kuretake Detailer used with watercolor

Pentel Aquash small tip used with Gouache

Pentel Aquash small tip used with Gouache

Sakura loaded with Noodlers Ink

Sakura loaded with Noodlers Ink

Holbein used with watercolor

Holbein used with watercolor


5. Zig Kuretake Brush No. 22. Synthetic bristles but mimics a real brush. Pigmented black ink, ideal for writing/drawing. I use this for everyday practice, and for drafts of commissioned brush artworks. Jet black ink, waterproof, refillable.

Alternative: Zig Kuretake Brush Writer, Zig Kuretake Bimoji.

Available at National Bookstore / Scribe Writing Essentials, Php 280.


There are tons of brush pens in the market and it is really up to you to experiment and try which ones you like best. 


Happy hoarding ;p