MASSIVE Happy Birthday!

I find it very organic and more personal to give out cards on special days - this is why I'm so happy I collaborated with CardNest for this project! If you are celebrating your birthday, or got friends/relatives who are, then this card is perf for you! 

Here are some photos: from drafts to actual card artwork! I used watercolor for the final one <3 

CardNest is an independent greetings card subscription service based in England. Its worldwide members receive a monthly delivery of three greetings cards in the post, designed exclusively for by independent artists from across the world. The limited edition packs of cards include a mix of birthday cards, thank you cards, congratulations cards as well as all-purpose cards, as a lovely way of keeping in touch with loved ones the old fashioned way. 

Membership is £7.50/month for those in the UK and £10/month for those outside of the UK, with no contracts or commitments.

If you are reading this, then you are in for treat, whether it's your birthday or not :)

You get 50% off on your first month of subscription (and it doesn't matter which part of the world you live in because this code applies worldwide). Just input the code ANINA50 and voila! Head on over to their website and subscribe. You'll be in love with their roster of cards, for sure <3

P.S. Thanks CardNest for putting up an artist profile for me!


REVIEW: Mica Gold Ink from Kuretake

I've always been a fan of gold paints and inks - hence, #thegoldinitiative. Recently, I've discovered this Gold Mica Ink from Kuretake Zig and TBH I think this is a must-have for every calligraphy/lettering-enthusiast. Here are the reasons why:

1. EASE OF USE. It's already in liquid form so I don't need to brush it over the nib for pointed pen calligraphy, as opposed to using paint. Also, each bottle comes with a ball shaker. This makes it easy to mix the ink everytime the pigment settles at the bottom of the container.


2. PIGMENT. This gold is brilliant, opaque, and very saturated. It can be used on both light and dark colored papers. You can also use this for both brush lettering and pointed pen calligraphy.


3. PRICE. A bottle of 60mL retails for just Php 499 (Pesos) - It's very affordable for a lot of gold, to be honest. You can purchase this at @swirlsandstrokesph (Instagram).

I think the only thing I don't like is the bottle. When you dip your holders, it tends to get messy, especially when the bottle is halfway empty.

Here are some samples:


Unlike the Finetec watercolor palette, this ink can't be blended. If you want something to mix with paint, get a Finetec. For everyday writing, get this ink instead.

Happy hoarding, then!

P.S: Tag your golden artworks! #thegoldinitiative

Arternoon with Stabilo

We've all known Stabilo as the "Colgate" of highlighters BUT their product roster is so vast, the brand actually has most of the tools I need for everyday art (outside of Calligraphy, that is)!

I spent an afternoon at Bizu doodling and testing these Stabilo products with fellow crazyyyy calligraphers. Nelz of We Will Doodle also taught us basic doodling techniques and afterwards we were asked to make our own doodle character. We passed around our paper for others to doodle on. This is the output after:


My Stabilo faves are Point 68 (for Coloring) and Point 88 (for everyday writing and lettering):

What got me curious was the Woody 3-in-1, It serves as a watercolor, colored pencil, and wax crayon. You can use it for glass artworks without having to worry too much since it is erasable! MUST.GET.MY.HANDS.ON.THESE.ASAP!

Fozzy, Richelle, Me, and Drew

Fozzy, Richelle, Me, and Drew

Thank you Stabilo Philippines for this fun arternoon. It's always nice to learn more about writing tools and step out of our comfort zones once a while.

Thanks also for the plants :p


You can get their products at National Bookstores nationwide.

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