Swap Watch has collaborated with 30 Type artists in the Philippines to come up with designs that celebrate the hand-written movement. These pieces can be converted into inspirational/motivational reminders to everyone, which, I think, is such a brilliant idea.

Here's a preview of all the designs:

I made a design that is close to my heart so that everyday, when I look at the time, I will be reminded to take it easy and live life freely. It's actually my personal mantra and I hope you guys like it! You only have this life to live after all - so don't waste it sulking over things you cannot control. Step out of your comfort zones and do something new! 

To kick start the launch of the #SWAPxType collab, I'm giving away a watch with my design + Black Strap (as seen in the photo above). Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow @swapwatch and @aninarubio on Instagram

2. Like my Facebook Page: facebook.com/anina.rubio

3. Post a photo of your adventure/s and tag #ARxSwap 

4. You can join as many times as you want but PLEASE DO NOT TAG ME! Just use the hashtag #ARxSwap and make your posts public so I can view your entries. Those who do not follow instructions will be disqualified.

Giveaway will run from September 27 to October 4. I will announce the winner on October 5 :)

If you want this watch, you can purchase it here. Buying any watch from the #SWAPxType collection gives you a chance win the SWAP LAUNCH GIVEAWAY (different from my giveaway) and have your own watch customized by you or your favorite artist (from the roster of 30 artists in this collaboration). Support Local! xx


P.S: I will be doing a Brush Lettering Class in collaboration with Swap Watch this coming October 17. Sign up details on this link.

Oh Brighter Days!

Yesterday, I attended the #OhBD collaboration launch of Googlygooeys and Heima at the Brixton store. Everything's so pretty - framed artworks, pillows, notebooks, and of course, that couch! 

Here are some snippets from the cotton-candy coma event:

Can't remember the last time I had cotton candy! 

My friend, Richelle, lounging on this colorful couch.

Of course... Shut up and take my money, Artwhale !!! Got myself some Khadi handmade paper, watercolor tubes, and an Escoda brush <3

Saw fellow artists too at the event! 


Congrats Googlygooeys x Heima for this bright and awesome collaboration!

Sudio Time

Music has always been a part of my system and I can't imagine life without some awesome tunes to listen (or sing) to. However, there are instances wherein I need to listen to my beats out loud without disturbing others, especially in transit or while traveling. Recently, I stumbled upon the TVA Sudio Earphones (thank goodness) and I immediately couldn't resist their design for obvious reasons - the pair comes in BLACK AND GOLD. Not only does it suit the #thegoldinitiative tag, it also serves as my default "me-time" partner. 

Sudio Sweden has a roster of sleek and classy pieces which will never go out of style *insert Taylor Swift song*. One pair of earphones usually comes with a pouch for easy storage and a pin clip so you can hang them on your shirt, and a warranty card. There are other colors to choose from (the white looks so clean and classy too) but my fave definitely is the black and gold. In terms of sound quality, it's very crisp. TVA, the design I got, is also lightweight but only has one remote control button (one click to pause or double click to play the next track). Note, however, that these earphones aren't built for use while doing strenuous physical activities, i.e. running a marathon (tried wearing them while jogging and they fell off of my ears). 


Now I'm pretty sure you would want one for yourself so head over to their shop at www.sudiosweden.com and input ANINARUBIO upon checkout for a sweet 15% off! 

Check them out also on Instagram @sudiosweden 


Happy hoarding! xx